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Starcier is a consultancy specializing in the design and development of financial services technology that prioritizes informed decision-making and enhances operational efficiency

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ESG Models
& Reporting platform

Global Asset Management
$400B AUM

Order Management

Private Equity
$18B AUM

Fund Performance
and Investor Reporting

Venture Capital

Data Insights & Research
Management Platform

Global Asset Managment
$70B AUM


We’re helping investment firms achieve strong results

We collaborate with investment leaders to provide financial services technology solutions, informed by data and trends that are most relevant to your firm. Using a structured and investor-centred design process, we will reach alignment, validate and bring to life digital experiences that empower investment professionals and strengthen relationships with investors and founders.

Strategy & Product

Data & Analytics

Cloud-Based Development

User Journey Simplification

Strengthen your workflows

Align your vision and transformation strategy with key stakeholders, while also strengthening your firm's core workflows creating better results.

Workflow Integration

Intuitive & Easy Navigation

Landin Page Design by Starcier
Landin Page Design by Starcier

Create a long lasting positive impression

Identify moments that matter and remove friction from your business-critical workflows and investment experience.

Decision Support & Data Visualization

Automation & Efficiency

Dashboard visualisation by Starcier

Turn reporting into a competitive advantage

Ensure transparency by keeping your investors informed and up to date. Provide them with access to visually appealing, mobile ready dashboards and reports featuring clear visualization on the performance of your funds.


Performance Rerporting

Investor Reporting

Remove friction from the experience

Deliver on your transformation strategy and provide your investors with tools and information to keep them informed and engaged.

Feedback Loops & Continuous Improvement

Training & Support


Create experiences that empower investors

Investment Technology